The Lab

LAdPhys – Scientific Mission

The Laboratory of Advanced Physiotherapy (L.Ad.Phys.) has as mission:



  • To promote all forms of cooperation with Research Centers and Academic Institutions of the country and abroad, as long as their objectives coincide with or complement those of the Laboratory, in a spirit of reciprocity and collective work.
  • The attraction of research funded by national and international resources in scientific fields of activity of the Laboratory or individual fields of specialization of its members.
  • The organization of scientific lectures, meetings, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, publication of scientific papers and invitation of Greek and foreign eminent scientists for cooperation.
  • The cooperation with research centers, scientific bodies, companies and academic institutions of the country and abroad, provided that their scientific objectives coincide with or complement those of the Laboratory and specifically with: a) public sector bodies, local authorities, scientific and social bodies as well as international organizations, b) private bodies, private laboratories and industries in the context of studies to promote research or to submit proposals on topics that coincide with the research interests of LAdPhys.
  • The undertaking of epidemiological and experimental studies as validating assessment tools and tests utilized by Physiotherapists.


  • Cooperation with bodies of the wider public sector, local government organizations, scientific social and professional bodies, international organizations, as well as with private sector production bodies in relevant scientific fields, in order to contribute to the joint exploration of solutions and proposals to address current problems.
  • Provision of expert opinion on issues related to the fields of scientific knowledge of the Laboratory, in accordance with current legislation.
  • The provision of services to individuals and organizations in accordance with the provisions in the Presidential decree 159/1984 (Government’s Gazette Issue 53/Α727-04-1984) “Conditions for the provision of services by university laboratories to individuals and all legal organizations”.
  • The offer of physiotherapy services to public bodies and to individuals or associations governed by private or public law that are related to its operation purposes. The Associates of the Laboratory will support its services on the basis of their scientific merit, their specialization, their field of expertise and their position/role in other Institutions of Higher Education.
  • The provision of Physiotherapy assessment to individuals of the general population as well as special populations.


  • The coverage at undergraduate and postgraduate level of teaching and research needs of the Department of Physiotherapy and other Departments of the University of West Attica in matters that fall within the disciplines of Physiotherapy and are part of the curriculum of the relevant Department.
  • The support of doctoral and postdoctoral research in matters related to the teaching and research objectives of the Laboratory.
  • The promotion of teaching and research collaborations between professors and researchers with related or complementary scientific fields of specialization within the University of West Attica.
  • Development of advanced/evidence-based knowledge in the scientific field of Physiotherapy, specifically within the fields of: Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Kinesiology, Kinesiotherapy, Mobilization of contractile and non-contractile structures, Counseling Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Occupational Health, Respiratory Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy in special populations.
  • The training and provision of Certification in the fields of scientific knowledge related to its purposes.
  • Offering education and support services, the co-organization, cooperation, sponsorship and certification of postgraduate and lifelong learning programs with for-profit or non-for-profit companies, associations and unions both at consulting level and in the provision of services in subjects related to its purposes.